Wilko Blog - What to do in the garden in May

As the days start getting longer and warmer, it’s clear (and relieving!) to see that summer’s on its way. Lovely people at Wilko have put together a detailed list of jobs and why May is the perfect time to start sowing seeds, planting out the bedding plants and having a good tidy up.

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We love this easy checklist  

May Checklist

Fruit and veg

  • Earth up potatoes
  • Plant celery outdoors
  • Plant out pot-raised beans
  • Sow main crop vegetables
  • Feed fruit and veg
  • Check for pests and disease and treat accordingly

Hard gardening

  • Apply greenhouse shading


  • Plant out summer bedding
  • Continue weeding
  • Lift and divide daffodils
  • Harden off seedlings
  • Tie in climbers
  • Feed shrubs
  • Cut back vigorous rock plants
  • Support tall plants


  • Patch repair
  • Apply high nitrogen fertiliser
  • Continue sowing new lawns


  • Re-pot orchids after two flowerings
  • Continue feeding

To read the whole article written by Sarah and more top tip visit the Wilko Blog here.  Shop our full garden range online at wilko.com.