Mental Health Week 2021

The Covid 19 pandemic is having a huge impact on our mental health.  Be there for everyone who needs help at this crucial time and support Mental Health Awareness Week.   It is all about starting conversations about mental health and the things in our daily lives that can affect it.  Each year, there is a theme and this years is all about nature, connecting with it and how nature can improve our mental health. 

Mental Health Awareness Week (2).jpg

Out local Mid – Kent Mind has these suggestion on how to connect with nature:

  • Getting out and about in Nature – whether walking, gardening, or something else, can be fantastic exercise which positively impacts our wellbeing
  • Gardening can provide a vessel for us to flip our mindsets – allowing us to appreciate of growth and development
  • Getting outdoors can be a great way to practice Mindfulness and being present in the moment – allowing us to de-stress
  • Engaging with nature - whether that be growing a house plant, or tending to a garden – can give us a sense of responsibility


Mid Kent Mind is bases in Maidstone provides information and support to people with mental health needs, their families and careers.  If you or someone you know needs help please visit their website here.  They have lots of different ways they can help.

Mind have also shared their top tips:

  1. Keep active where possible. Physical health is linked with mental health – so staying active can positively influence our wellbeing.
  2. Be aware of what you’re eating. There are strong ties between our food and our mood – so balance diet can make a huge impact.
  3. Talk about how you are feeling and what you’re thinking. Offloading our feelings can help to take a weight off our shoulders.
  4. Keep in touch with others. Networking can help us to feel connected, and can prevent feeling of isolation and loneliness.
  5. Take a break – and do something you enjoy. Taking a break allows us to reset, and stops stress levels from building.
  6. Do something which you enjoy. Whether it be painting or cooking – doing something we enjoy can bring a sense of achievement.