Active August Challenge 2019!

Are you ready to go on an adventure this summer?

The Active August Challenge is arriving in Maidstone from 5th-25th August. 

It's the summer experience that will focus on health and wellbeing, with a lot of fun to be had along the way! The Active August Challenge will be motivational and interactive, and our aim is to get everyone in the family involved, old and young. We are not only encouraging everyone to get active, but you will learn loads and be delighted along the way with a bundle of games, fun facts and prizes to be won. (including a £500 gift card!).

How does the Active August Challenge work?

  1. First you visit our Ask Me Point where our wonderful staff will briefly talk you through the challenge
  2. After filling in the pedometer tracker form, you are given a pen, pedometer and fun map of the centre. You are now prepared and ready to go!
  3. Using the map, you now need to look for 9 checkpoints around The Mall - they are big green stickers on the floor - you cant miss them!
  4. At each checkpoint, you will learn facts about health, play fun games and do fab exercises, all designed to increase your step count on your pedometers. Each checkpoint will reveal a letter that you fill in on your map to spell out the magic word!
  5. Once you have visited all 9 checkpoints, you should have spelt the magic word and had a lot of fun on your hunt! You are now ready to take your pedometer back to the Ask Me Point.
  6. Our staff will now take your step-count and log it on our leaderboard, which we will share every week on our Facebook page.
  7. You are given a reward for taking part in the Active August Challenge!

Don't forget we will be offering weekly prizes for the top steppers, so next time you're at The Mall, you can add to your step count while you shop without having to take the challenge again! The top steppers after 3 weeks are put in a draw to win a £500 gift card, as well as the various sports and fitness-related prizes given out for weekly top steppers.

Join us on an adventure, get active and win great prizes by climbing up our leaderboard. The more steps you take in 3 weeks, the more chance you have of winning!

Visit the Ask Me Point on the 5th August, and step up to the challenge!