Maidstone refurbishment

Major refurbishment at The Mall Maidstone

We’re giving your Mall a major makeover, spending £5million to refurbish the centre bringing a vibrant and more visually interesting shopping experience. Work began in June and is set to be completed in Spring 2016. Business will continue as normal, with most of the work taking place whilst the centre is closed.

See below for more information on our plans. 

Our Plans

“The refurbishment is great news for Maidstone and it’s a fantastic opportunity to modernise The Mall to meet customer and retailer needs. The revamp will refresh and revitalise the inside of The Mall and add colour and vibrancy. ” Andy Davy, General Manager of The Mall Maidstone

  • The works include the installation of new contemporary flooring, new ceiling and lights, and a new treatment of pillars throughout the Mall.
  • The current dated entrances (King Street and Gabriel’s Hill) will also be replaced, creating a fresher, more exciting look for your shopping centre.
  • The lifts and toilet facilitates will be revitalised to create a more up to date look.
  • Bulkheads will be removed from around the main atrium to allow more natural light to shine in.
  • The works are happening ahead of a potential longer-term enlargement plans for the shopping centre.
  • Work begins in May this year and is set to be completed by May 2016.
  • Shoppers won’t be disrupted during the major works, which will take place mainly when the centre is closed.
  • The cost of the works is around £5 million.

Maidstone History Timeline

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