NEW SuperMum competition! At Shoe Zone

23rd Feb - 30th Apr

NEW SuperMum competition! At Shoe Zone

At Shoe Zone they know mums, and they know they work hard to look after their families, day in day out.

Mums are magnificent, multi-tasking magicians with the ability to listen intently to important problems, comfort tears, give the best advice, cook yummy treats, find lost toys, play the best games, answer endless questions, know everything, fix anything, tell the BEST stories and that’s just for starters... fact we think mums are Superheroes...

...and Superheroes need to be celebrated!

And while the big things are great, we know it’s actually the small, everyday things mums do that makes them the best.

* Does your mum make the best pancakes?

* Does she know when to make a great comforting cuppa?

* Does she do the best Gruffalo voice?

* Does she know when you need a hug?

* Can she conjure up fantastic fancy dress costumes in the blink of an eye?

If so, we want to hear from you!

They are inviting you to nominate someone you know for the special things she does that make her a SuperMum in your eyes.

Just fill out the online nomination form and your mum will be in with the chance of being crowned Shoe Zone’s ‘SuperMum of the Month’ and receiving £200 worth of vouchers, so you can say thank you.