Mobile Street - Protect your new gadgets

Protect your new gadgets!

With Christmas just gone we know many of you have got some new great technology but afraid you're going to drop it? Well why not go to Mobile Street and buy a case for it or a screen protector to prevent it from smashing!  They even have the very popular Ultimate screen protectors back in stock!

The walls are covered in a wide variety of colourful Phone and tablet cases for many different brands such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony varying in price from £4.99 up to £24.99.

Mobile street just get better they also repair phones/tablets, laptops and if you're wanting to sell them they are willing to buy them off of you! They have accessories such as headphones, earphones, portable speakers, wiring, chargers and much more which are compatible with most devices.

Here are Dave and Josh staff members from Mobile Street with their favourite items in store Dave’s favourite item is the Union Jack Speaker which is currently £22.99 and Josh’s favourite item is Star Wars headphones retailing at £12.99.