The Mall Wood Green has partnered with registered charity, Children’s Book Project, to help collect books for disadvantaged children across the UK.

 A collection bin has been placed in the Guest Lounge on the Upper Mall and The Mall Wood Green is encouraging shoppers to donate books for this brilliant cause.

“According to figures released by the National Literacy Trust in 2022, one in three disadvantaged children has fewer than ten books of their own at home, while one in ten children has none, and we want to help change this,” explains Catriona Baillie, The Mall Wood Green’s Marketing Manager. “We are looking for donations of both fiction and non-fiction books for babies and children aged 0-14 years. Unfortunately, the charity can’t accept dictionaries, academic guides, adult books, ex-library books, annuals over two years’ old or any books that are in tatty condition.”

The Children’s Book Project’s mission is to tackle book poverty and give every child the opportunity to own their own book. The charity works closely with women’s groups, children’s centres, prisons and schools to gift gently used books to children nationwide, forging links with settings whose communities may benefit most from access to free books.

This year alone the charity will gift over 350,000 books to children via their schools and settings, ensuring that they are placed directly in the hands of those families that will benefit the most.

Catriona added: “This is something we feel incredibly passionate about so if your children have any good quality used books that they would like to donate, please encourage them to bring them along to the shopping centre and place them in our collection bin, which is situated the Guest Lounge.”