Uni Essentials

Term time is finally here! Whether you are a nervous fresher or a chilled undergraduate after a long summer, it’s time to pack up your life and move away from home! This can be daunting, but we are here to make the necessity list much easier to cope with. Below is a list of essentials you will need for university. Being a fresher can be very scary, so here’s a short list of things to remember before you venture off on your own:

  1. Learn how to budget as soon as possible - when the student loan comes in, it looks like a lot. It disappears much quicker than you think and shortly, you will be eating tinned beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plan a weekly budget, including money for course materials, transport, proper food etc.
  2. It’s normal for you to feel homesick – everyone is in the same boat. It is easy to visit home a lot during your first term, but settling in is much easier if you stick to staying at university for as long as you can! Everyone misses home. Make friends and create a home for yourself!
  3. Think ahead – if you plan to apply for internships, work experience etc, keep an eye out for opportunities around campus that may put you in a more promising position (such as positions within the student unions).
  4. Be aware of second year accommodation! Pretty soon after you begin, you’ll have to start looking for houses for your second year (around Christmas time). It’s important you find a stable group of friends and know the areas in which you would like to live. It’s good to have an idea before you begin looking.
  5. ENJOY! Your first year is the time to make friends, learn new things and experience living away from home. Second and third year require a lot of concentration, so it’s important to enjoy your first year! 


Here are some of our essential picks: