Centre Operations

Shop Fits and Contractors

  • We work with contractors at design stage to emphasise the importance of LED lighting, energy efficient technology and cooperating with centre recycling practices
  • Building materials items such as timber, MDF & plastic products are manufactured by suppliers with NCZ in mind
  • We work closely with contractors to improve the energy performance of units
  • A great example is the TSB Pod which uses an ex shipping container to house banking services

Cleaning Consumables

Our cleaning consumables supplier, Bunzl’s, unique position in the supply chain means they are well placed to provide us with credible and expert advice. They are not wedded to any specific materials or products, so can provide an objective overview of the best solutions for each challenge through:

  • Dedicated teams of plastics and sustainability experts
  • Training programmes to proactively help us understand our sustainability challenges
  • Providing the data we need to participate in external schemes and report against our targets
  • Supporting us to help strengthen recycling and reuse systems to secure end of life options for their products


Uniform Express, our centre staff uniform supplier, have initiatives in place to address each stage of the life cycle of their garments. Our soft services partner, Bidvest Noonan (UK), have started working with them on the disposal of uniforms as a priority and will kick off more initiatives as part of their Scope 3 carbon reduction plan.