Spring into Fashion

As the clouds begin to clear and the sun shines through, it’s time to embrace a fresh new season which means one thing – Spring is on the way.

And although we may be used to giving our homes a spring clean, now is the perfect time to dust off our wardrobes and give our outfits a spring clean too.

This year, it’s all about ruffling up some fashion feathers with the latest trends – and ruffles are IN! From subtle ruffles along the hem line to big bouncy ruffles to catch the eye, there are styles to suit everyone. But it’s not just on tops and dresses, ruffles have been adapted for all weathers from scarves and gloves to bikinis and even lingerie.

Embroidery has also seen a massive comeback recently with cute colourful stitches gracing everything from shoes and jackets to jeans and dresses. From floral patterns to sweet animals, you can wear your embroidered heart on your sleeve or step into embroidered trainers this year.

Love denim? You’re in luck as The Mall has shops that are bursting with denim buys. Although denim jeans never go out of style, skinny jeans are still on trend and you’ll also see denim dungarees, skirts and jackets gracing shop windows. You could even try a denim dress on for size.

If you’d like to stick with your staple jeans, team them up with a Bardot or off shoulder top to keep on trend this spring. It’s a trend that’s continued into 2017 and now the weather is warming up slightly, it makes sense to show off a little shoulder.

Gingham is also a style to make it into the 2017 top trends with both shirts and skirts showing off the popular pattern. A fashion trend for men, women and children, the whole family can get into gingham this season.

Whatever your style this season, you can keep on trend with The Mall.