Fragrances for Winter

Summer has well and truly left us! Gone has the sun, summer wardrobe and scents that remind us of summer.


But have you ever thought of changing up your aftershave or perfume for the new season too? We can start to swap our fruity, floral scents for deeper smells that fit the season just perfectly.

Head to your local fragrance department or store at The Mall and see what they have to offer for you – if you can’t decide, see if they have any samples so you can trial at home.

Here’s some interesting facts about our scents & smells and where & why fragrances come from!

  • Women generally have stronger senses of smell than men. So that’s why women always notice smells before guys!
  • Good smells make you happier. Smelling something that’s familiar is a comfort to us and instantly puts you in a good mood!
  • You actually smell with your brain: Not your nose, as you might assume.
  • Particular scents can instantly remind us of previous times. Whether it’s a particular year or day – a single smell can bring back floods of memories.
  • The two most commonly used flower essences in modern perfumes are Rose and Jasmine.
  • The name Perfume comes from the Latin word “per fume” which means “through smoke”.
  • The average women owns five different fragrances, and 80% of women use at least one fragrance per day.