HENRY: passionate about babies and young children

The Mall Walthamstow is pleased to announce that on:

Friday 27th October

12pm - 2pm

Opposite the customer service desk

We will be welcoming HENRY in conjunction with Waltham Forest Council. Henry is running a new parent and family service in Waltham Forest called Best Start. The Best Start service supports families with children aged 0-5 by providing the best and healthiest start in life for their child.

Background information:

HENRY is an award-winning charity that is passionate about babies and young children having the best start in life. That means helping the whole family to make positive changes to their lifestyle and building healthier communities. Waltham Forest council have commissioned HENRY to deliver health services to families with children aged 0-5 years. These services include:

  • Healthy Weight
  • Infant feeding- breast and bottle support
  • Oral health
  • Speech and Language

As part of the Healthy Weight remit, HENRY are offering group and 1-to-1 programmes to families who would like support in creating a healthier lifestyle for their family.

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