Lowering the volume and dialling up inclusivity at The Mall Maidstone

24th May - 28th Oct


The Mall Maidstone has introduced a weekly quiet hour every Tuesday 9am-10am.


This more subdued period is designed to make the shopping experience less daunting for those who can find loud noises and bright lights overwhelming.

During quiet hour there will be dimmed lighting, no music playing, no PA announcements and as few tannoy announcements as possible. 

Posters around The Mall will inform shoppers when the quiet hour is, and it will also be advertised on The Mall’s social media channels, encouraging everyone to be mindful of the intention to create a quiet and calm environment.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the guest experience, as it’s important to us that everyone feels comfortable exploring The Mall.

We know shopping trips can be an overwhelming experience for some people and we want to lessen the anxiety.

Having designated periods of consistent quiet and dimming bright lights, which can be distracting and distressing, help to make public spaces more welcoming and inclusive.

The Entertainer toy shop already has a quiet hour every day, and more than 15 other retailers have agreed to join us in doing what they can to support The Mall’s quiet hour between 10am-11am each Tuesday.

The Entertainer, Next, New Look, Iceland, RIFCI, The Card Factory, Mobile Street, Peacocks, BB's and Matalan will be switching off their music and lowering the lights, while a further 10 retailers will be making their stores quieter.

We hope the regular weekly quiet hour will make a real difference to people.

If you would like more information on this initiative, please contact us here