Come check out our newest event in our Community Hub!

26th Nov - 25th Nov


We are starting a Knitting Club with AGE UK.

We have been trying to start a lovely little knitting group for so long, so when we spoke with Age UK who were brainstorming ideas for something new that they could do in our Community Hub it was a great idea finally coming together! Age UK already have a slot on the last Thursday of every month in our Community Hub where they help the elderly, raise awareness and try to get some extra volunteers.

Since Age UK are all about helping, especially with the Knit & Knatter campaign from this year it is the perfect way to bring lonely people together. The idea is you bring your own needles and wool and get to chat, make friends and spend some relaxing time away from home.


By starting this group we also help Age UK as every year, Age UK ask people to knit tiny woollen hats, and each one gets placed on an innocent smoothie bottle. For every hat made, they receive 25p, and that money helps fight loneliness among older people. Since 2003, people have donated over 7 million bobble hats, raising more than £2.4 million for Age UK.

Our lovely Jo and Chitch (our newest Mall employee) have started to knit a few bobble hats too, it will be such a great way to meet new people and help a great cause at the same time.

Our first session will be on Monday 26th November, with the following sessions being every other Monday from 10am - 12pm.

If anyone is a keen knitter feel free to make any of the following patterns or come down to make something completely different!