The Mall Maidstone tackle Modern Slavery

The Mall Maidstone, along with the other shopping centres in our portfolio have appointed a Modern Slavery Champion to help tackle Modern Slavery. 

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A Modern Slavery Champion’s key role is to raise awareness of modern slavery and exploitation and let workers know what support is available.

Shockingly, today It is estimated there are at least 100,000 victims of modern slavery here in the UK and 45.6 million people in conditions of slavery in the world.

Unfortunately, many people do not realise that they are victims of modern slavery offences or are too afraid to report it.

As a company we believe it is important that people working in different roles across the business help raise awareness of modern slavery and inform our teams, other colleagues and peers about how they, or their family and friends, can get help and support if they need it.

We have already made the first steps by holding staff presentations, training sessions and created staff notice boards in a our staff areas so everyone can:

  • Spot the signs
  • Know how to report it
  • Know who to report it to