Bunting Making with The Works


Noting says Street party like a bit of bunting, but there is no need to splash out on some the lovely people at the works have put together a guide to make you own. 

Check out this super simple tutorial and get the whole family crafting together to create your own unique bunting to make your street party stand out from the crowd.

What you need

- Coloured card – red, white and blue

- String or twine

- Glue

- Washi tape

- Embellishments


Step 1 - Get cutting

Take your card and fold it in half.  Cut out a triangle, once unfolded it should make a diamond shape. You’ll be able to fold this over your string for a neat and professional finish later on.

Step 2 – Get decorating

Once you have cut out all your bunting flags (triangles) you need to decorate them.  You can add washi tape to the outside of the flags and added a British bulldog card topper to the middle, but you can add anything you like to make your bunting unique to you.

Step 3 - Assemble

All you need to do is assemble your flags, fold the top of our flags over the string and used glue to stick it down, but there are lots of ways you can secure your bunting.  You can cut small holes into either side of your bunting and thread the string through or you can even use mini pegs to attach each flag, the choice is yours!


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