The Mall’s parking system FAQ's

The Mall’s parking system is managed by our parking partner YourParkingSpace (YPS).


1. What is the new system?
Drivers no longer need a token to enter/exit the car park, instead we operate a barrierless (ANPR) system. 
Simply drive in, park and pay on exit.
Please note - you must remember your vehicle registration number to pay. 

2. Pay when you are leaving
There are now three ways you can pay 

  1. Card/Cash (Kiosk Payment Machine) - All original kiosk locations are in-situ, located on levels 2, 4 & 6 (6 card only).
    When you are ready to leave, enter your registration number at one of our kiosks and pay with card or cash.
  2. Via the App -  You can simply download the YourParkingSpace app. click here to take you to the page were you can enter your mobile number and they will text you the app
    once you have the App and you are ready to leave you simply enter the Mall's location ID 10080.
    Pay for your parking by choosing ‘Earlier’ and selecting the duration you parked for.
  3. QR Code - When you’re ready to leave The Mall, use your smartphone to scan any of the YPS QR code located on Mall levels 2 and 4, tis will allow you to skip the queue and pay for your parking online.

3. Pay when you arrive - Once you arrive at The Mall pay for parking by calling 0330 333 8434 and quoting The Mall's location ID 10080, you will then be asked to select the duration you want to park for.

4. Already left the Mall and not yet paid for your parking?  Not to worried you can pay via Post-pay this is on the YourParkingSpace app or website by searching the Mall's location code 10080.  Then tap ‘Earlier’ and select the start and end time of your parking session. or You can also pay for your parking after you have left just Click here to Post-Pay for your parking.  However, Please note that Post-Pay is only valid until midnight the following day of your parking session. 

Please note:  Parking can be paid by no later than midnight the following night to when your parking session started.  For example - If you start parking on the 1st at 14:00, you have up until 23:59 on the 2nd to make payment