Home schooling help - English and the different parts of speech

We know you are all struggling with home schooling.  It seems like there names for words that did not have names before!  Take English, "What’s a Front Adverbial!" we here you cry.  Well we have enlisted the help of an 8-year-old girl, called Pic to help us through this minefield.

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Adjectives – is a to describe word used for noun or pronoun i.e. tall, thin sweet or pretty
Example Sentence: Lexi looked so cute in her red dress.

Adverbs - explain how often, when, where and how i.e. frequently, sometimes, early, soon, etc.
Example Sentence: Don’t worry, she will get well soon!

Conjunctions – are words that join a group of words in a sentence. i.e: so, until, and, because, yet, therefore or but.
Example Sentence: Lexi like sweets however chocolate is her favourite.

Contractions – are a shorter way of saying two words i.e. we are becomes we’re
Example Sentence: Lexi didn’t want to do home schooling

Front Adverbial – a word or phrase that’s adds detail to a verb whether it's a time, place or manner. i.e at half six, quickly or in Kent
Example Sentence: Lexi was happily riding her bike.

Gerund - is the –ing form of a verb i.e. running 
Example Sentence Lexi thought riding is better than walking.

Homophones – these are words that sound the same but are spelt differently i.e. eye and I or  bean and been 
Example Sentence: Lexi had been to see the bean plant

Interjections – are used to express strong emotions and often followed by an exclamation point. i.e Hooray! Yeah! Oops! Well!
Example Sentence: Yeah! Pasta for tea.

Nouns – is a physical thing, a person, place, or an idea i.e. Teacher, Paris, daughter or Ben
Example Sentence: Lexi does not like home schooling.

Preposition - is used before a noun, pronoun, or gerund.  It is used to show place, time or direction. i.e.: in, at, from, under 
Example Sentence: Watch out! There is a dog under the chair.

Pronoun - replace the name of a person, place, thing or idea in a sentence. i.e: this, that, he, she, it, we, they &  him.
Example Sentence: Her bike was not as shiny as it could be.

Verbs –  is a word or a group of words used to describe an action or experience i.e. run, jump, happy, sad, think or see 
Example Sentence: Lexi is concentrating hard on riding her bike.