Congrats to Wishing Hearts


Wising Hearts was founded to grant wishes for vulnerable older people, therefore providing them with long-lasting, inspiring experiences that they can always cherish.   However, in the Covid world it became quite difficult due to restrictions.  Yet, this did not slow them down, they simply switched to sending out care packages to elderly people and support local care homes.  Wishing heart have managed to grant a couple of wishes in the past year. One was to take an elderly lady on a day trip to the beach and the other just wanted to have someone round for a chat and a bit of company.


The NHS say that most older people go over a month without speaking to a family member or friend so we are really trying to target loneliness, whether that’s supporting them through the loss of a loved one, giving them someone to talk to or just letting them know that someone does care about them. Sometimes, the best gift you can give someone is your time and attention, which means even more to a person who often feels alone in the world.


The Wishing Hearts team are planning to send out 200 care packages to residential homes this year. As they believe everyone deserves the chance to feel cared for, connected to others and understood.