FG Barnes' Crossland X is now here!

FG Barnes will be exhibiting various cars in The Mall...

Starting with the beautiful Crossland X which is located on our Gabriel's Hill location!

Here is what FG Barnes' have to say about the new car -

The latest SUV to join the Vauxhall range is the all-new Crossland X. With swag to spare, Crossland X’s got a serious strut on, with sleek, muscular curves made to make you feel good. Wherever, whatever. The Crossland X comes in four different trims. From the smart SE and Tech Line Nav to the premium Elite and the range-topping Ultimate, Crossland X’s model range gives you plenty of ways to turn heads.

Like any relationship, it’s not simply about looks. Hey, it’s what’s inside that counts. And inside Crossland X you’ll see plenty of smart stuff on show. Its interior and facia are stylishly uncluttered, with plenty of space, light and all-round visibility, thanks to Crossland X’s height. Various colours are available, to include Aegean Blue, Rioja Red, Lava Red, Persian Blue, Mineral Black, Darkmoon Blue, Amber Orange and Satin Steel Grey.

At the wheel of the Crossland X, driving can be so much safer. Smart, reliable tech like automatic emergency braking, headup display and lane departure warning keep you alert and can buy you vital seconds of reaction time to correct any slip-ups. Keep your eyes on the road with head-up display - This clever system projects important info (like your speed and other dashboard alerts) onto a panel in your line of sight, to help keep your eyes front with less distraction. Avoid trouble ahead with automatic emergency braking - When you’re out on the road, this ingenious system warns if you approach the car in front too fast, and automatically brakes for you as a failsafe. Phew. Stay on the straight and narrow with lane departure warning - If you drift out of your lane without signalling, this warning system alerts you with a sound, and a visual warning. See what you can’t see with side blind spot alert - If a vehicle moves into your blind spot, you get an instant visual alert. Get alerts about important speed signs to help you drive - Smarter, safer and helping you avoid fines, the Crossland X’s speed sign recognition system detects and alerts you to current and changing speed limits.

Parking’s maybe the least-popular aspect of driving (apart from being stuck in traffic, that always sucks). So thank the techies for Crossland X’s driver assistance systems. Helping you park like a pro and even giving you eyes in the back of your head with a rear-view camera.

Journeys go faster with great company. It’s just a good feeling to have someone with you along the way. Which is why your new Crossland X comes with Vauxhall OnStar, a personal assistance service that’s always there for you, 24/7, 365 days a year. At the push of a button, it puts you in touch with someone to help you – could be help to find or unlock your car or immediate help in an emergency – whatever happens, it’s there. Oh yes, and how could we forget it also has a super-handy 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot. Perfect for hooking up to seven devices (I want to be at that party). Isn’t this just the kind of mate you’d like on your next road trip? And we guarantee it won’t complain about the music you play.

Check out the latest advert for the new Crossland X here...