Quirky Gifts For Father's Day

Quick and Quirky Gifts:

With Father’s day fast approaching the sons and daughters of the UK, we can appreciate the pressure to get that special man that special gift. However, fear not! The Mall Maidstone have gathered 8 great gifts with 8 great prices from one great store. This Father’s Day, Card Factory have you covered. From Toffee to Tankards – you’re good to go.


Top Dad Toffee’s

Why not treat you father with some Tip-Top Toffees as a sweet treat on his special day, for only £1.99 Card Factory are offering you Walkers Nonsuch Toffees in a beautifully traditional packaging alongside his very own Toffee hammer. As a dad, he’s sure to love the sweet taste and the sweet price.

Funnel, Flask and Glass

Another great gift from Card Factory for June 17th is their hip flask set. The set costs a mere £3.99 and contains a Hipflask, a funnel and two shot glasses donning a funny but thoughtful message to the Grandads of the world.

Tankard and Coaster

Alternatively, a tankard and coaster set could be the way to go! Priced at just £3.99, this would give your old man plenty of capacity for that relaxing Sunday drink he well and truly deserves. Not to mention, we’re sure that Mum would love the thought of a coaster just as much as Dad would.

A pretty mug

Again, shouting out to the underappreciated yet greatly adored Granddads, this ‘Best Ever Granddad’ mug is beautifully decorated and beautifully priced. £3.99 gets him that Tea or Coffee in a cup that’ll no doubt make him grin.

Best Ever Dad glasses case

No doubt you Dad can see how you adore him, no doubt this is thanks to his glasses. So, why not look after you Fathers vision with a sleek black glasses case. Sleek yet meaningful, this case will both look after his glasses and your bank balance as it’s priced at just £2.99

Brew Time

Tools down dad! This snazzy mug from Card Factory aims to please, why not let you father know he can slow up his hard work for a while and just enjoy a nice hot drink. For just under four pounds at £3.99 you can make his day, the cup even adorns a display spanner!


Can you even spell father’s day without Marvel?! Well, Maybe. But still. The bright and cheerful mug adorning Spiderman, Ironman and The Hulk is only an amazing £££ and will definitely light up his smile.

Top Dad Travel Mug

Dads Taxi needs a Dads Taxi travel mug surely? Sleek black core adorned with a glitzy gold message, this mug gets the job done. No more worries about spilled drinks in the car and no more parched journeys. For only £££ it HAS to be worth seeing his appreciation for such a simple yet thoughtful gift.