Perfect Picnic Planning

Fantastic Wilkos Picnic!

During the great British summer, one of the most enjoyable things to do is take the time to appreciate a lovely picnic in the beautiful outdoors. Whether this is at a local park, a faraway field or a thick forest – Wilkos have all you need! The entire sha-bang from tumblers to cutlery.


Wilko Tropical Tumblers:

These bright and colourful tumblers are just perfect for that peaceful park picnic, they’re absolutely entirely safe for the little ones as the sleek plastic material doesn’t shatter. Not to mention they’re equally as easy to clean as they are to see. They also match perfectly with the rest of the set so for only £1.50 each you can’t go wrong!

Wilko Tropical Champagne Flute:

These flutes are just the same as the Tumblers and the Pitchers except they go perfectly with that little bit of Fizz, whether it’s real or not. Just the same as the rest of the set they are a beautiful tropical colour and entirely easy to wash. For again just £1.50 they’ll fully help you complete that summer feeling.

Wilko Tropical Pitchers:

Without these tropical coloured plastic pitchers, the flutes and tumblers almost seem futile. These large pitchers are absolutely perfect for completing the outdoor picnic vibe, or even a summer garden party. Their design means they are easily washable and hassle free as their lids prevent unwanted debris falling in or desired ice/liquids falling out.

Cutlery and Plates:

Alongside the cups, flutes and pitchers Wilkinson’s also offer these beautiful plates and cutlery sets – they’re sold separately at £1.75 and £0.50 meaning each set (1 plate, knife, fork and spoon) costs just £2.50 and they’re fully safe, easy to clean, transport and re-use making them absolutely perfect for those sunny summer days out whether it’s in a park, meadow or at the seaside