Bronze up this Summer!

Dull weather hacks; go bronze!


Here in England, we struggle to catch as many of those elusive golden rays as we’d like to no matter how hard we may wish, the golden sunshine and soaring temperatures will often falter after just a mere few days.

However; as always, we have your back! Here at The Mall Maidstone we’ve teamed up with Hollie, Suzie, Nicole and Jo to bring you their favourite self-applied tanning products on the market. With these by our sides, we can rest assured to ALWAYS look scintillating, feel gorgeous and appear fresh off the plane from Aruba!


No.7 Perfectly Bronzed; Hollies “go to”

In times of need, when the suns not shining Hollie will ALWAYS go to this. Hollie says that with the No.7 Perfectly Bronzed tan she can “Apply it once and receive the most fabulous shade with outstanding coverage”. For just £12.50 from Boots, you really CANNOT go wrong.



Garnier Summer Body: Light Gradual Tan

For Suzie, this light tan gradual tan moisturiser from Garnier is a saving grace. It is available from Boots for only £3.99 for the 400ml bottle! According to Suzie, this product is perfect as she says “The fact that this is a gradual tanning moisturiser is a GODSEND because I’m so pale and it would be beyond noticeable if I suddenly turned up to work looking bronzed and radiant – not to mention It obviously moisturises your skin and also doesn’t have that fake tan smell”



Skinny Tan!

For Nicole, Skinny Tan is the way to go. From Superdrug, Skinny Tan can be purchased for only £21.99 on a By One Get One Half Price Offer with the benefit of a FREE application Mitt when you purchase any two tanning products! Nicole says that Skinny Tan gives her “an all-natural glow” and that it “applies evenly and easily” leaving her forever impressed.



Soltan Self Tan Mouse

Jo’s self-tan mouse from Soltan by Boots gives a “Lovely Golden Colour” and applies effortlessly without leaving any patches or streaks. An added bonus is that it is done within three hours and once dry, its waterproof and sweat proof. Soltans mouse can be reapplied again for a darker colour if needed, in Boots this is available for just £9.99 per 150ml bottle.