Graphic Novel Exhibition

29th Feb - 29th Mar

Graphic novel for Luton is a unique collection of sublime stories, based on real-life experiences of people who live in Luton. Artist Nicole Mollett worked together with 14 writers and artists to create a series of graphic tales about Luton. The project engages communities, celebrates diversity, and encourages intercultural connections.

Come and see the exhibition of over 40 original drawings on display on the Gallery level of The Mall. Copies of the publication are available from the Ask Me Point in The Mall.

In light of the current situation, and with planned events and workshops being cancelled, below are some of the poems that were performed at the Graphic Novel launch.

Lightbulb Moments by Lizzy Fretwell - a poem about looking for hope in difficult times.

Lizzy Fretwell is a freelance theatre maker living and working in Luton. A focus on community engagement, she has been involved with a variety of projects in Luton over the last two years, including People Power Passion, The Butterfly Effect, #BeLitLuton and Factory Reset (the Hat Factory Reopening).  She is now working on her first independent project, We’ve Chosen Here, exploring places in Luton that spark memories of lost loved ones, and has contributed a story to the Luton Graphic Novel project.

Electromotive Force by Lee Nelson


Simon Cleary deconstructs the tabloid headlines


Rae Leaver who wrote the first story of the book 'The Colossus of Luton'