Support your local stores

Shop local this Christmas and support our independent businesses in the town.


When you buy from a small business, your purchase - no matter how big or small - means a great deal. This means that you are much more likely to receive a more personal, caring service and get more value for your money.

The Mall Luton includes 40 independent businesses. On November 30th, many of these stores will celebrate Small Business Saturday.

Small Business Retailers in The Mall Luton:

  • 10 Minute Manicure
  • Abi's
  • Arndale News
  • Arsh Designer
  • Beeb's Bubbles
  • Better Brows
  • Blue Star
  • Brown & White
  • BUY-Macs
  • Delikatesy Polskie Smaczek
  • Delphine's
  • Don Millers
  • Dr & Herbs
  • Fashion Zone
  • Fruit & Veg Hub
  • Gadget Exchange
  • Grocery Hub
  • Halal Sweets
  • I-Care Centre
  • I Mend Gadgets
  • Jean City
  • Kayte's Needlecraft
  • Living Mode
  • Mobile Bitz
  • NuCrema
  • Razor & Blade
  • Robby's
  • Shoe Saver
  • Shop-mobility
  • Silver News
  • Smart Baggage
  • Smart Cartridge
  • The Baby Shop
  • Uniform Exchange (Level Trust)
  • Vibe Juice Bar
  • Vulcauff
  • Yummy Cup Corn

We also have other non-retail small business as our tenants, such as Little Red Creative Studios and Westwing Studios – it is great to support all local small businesses where you can.