Polonia Festival - Crossing The Borders

We're proud of be one of the main sponsors for this year's Polonia Festival which celebrates the multicultural roots of the Polish culture.

As part of the festival, we'll be welcoming local Polish artist Jakub Rokita to The Mall who will be displaying his work in a photography and animation exhibition in Central Square from Saturday 7th until Friday 13th September ahead of the main festival in St George's Square on Saturday 14th September.

Alongside the exhibition we will also be hosting daily arts and craft workshops and live music. Workshops are inspired by Polish, Hungarian and Romanian cultures and prepared by Polonia, East-Europeans Rights Organization in UK and Hungarian Community of Luton.

Saturday 7th September, 4pm start
Painting with objects workshop
Live music - 5pm - 6pm - Marcin Ciesiun (Acoustic guitar, blues, rock)

Sunday 8th September, 3pm start
Origami workshop
Live music - 4pm-5pm - Piotr Cajdler (Acoustic guitar, blues, jazz)

Monday 9th September, 4pm start
Carnival Workshops
Live music - 5pm-6pm Children playing violins (Acoustic)

Tuesday 10th September, 4pm start
Free face-painting
Live music - 5pm-6pm - Choir “Wnieboglosy” with piano and violin (Acoustic)

Wednesday 11th September, 4pm start
Muffin decorating
Live music - 5pm-6pm - Kapela Drewutnia (folk band singing in Polish, Ukrainian and Lemko language; acoustic)

Thursday 12th September, 4pm start
Creating colourful Polish folk serviettes workshop
Live music 5pm-6pm - Young finalists of English Song Festival in Zakikow (Poland)

Friday 13th September, 4pm start
Free face painting
Live music - 5pm-6pm - Bartek pianista kwestia instrumentów

For more information on the Polonia Festival event in St George's Square on Saturday 14th September, click here.