2022 resolutions and what can help

New year is the time for resolutions, so we have picked three popular resolutions and put together a list of all the things you might need to help you succeed your targets.

I want to be more sustainable

For removing your makeup:

Instead of using face wipes and cotton pads to wash your face how about a new face wash bar and face cloth to wash your makeup off?

Boots: Eco Warrior Gently Cleansing Sensitive Facial Bar - Chamomile & Calendula Essential Oils £4.50

Wilko: Silver Face Cloths 2pk £1.25

And for your cleansers and toners how about using reusable makeup cleansing mitts like these from Primark? They also have exfoliating facial loofah discs.


For your shower:

Try a new shampoo hair bar instead of your normal bottled products.

Available in a range of stores like Boots, Wilko, and Superdrug but our top pick comes from Lush

Jason and The Argan oil £9 each or Angel hair also £9 55g. 


Lush also has conditioner bars like Big £9 each which hydrate and volumizes hair. 

Don’t forget to fill up your favourite shower gel bottle with Sanctuary Spa body wash refill from Boots.

I want to exercise more

If walking is more your speed and you want to keep track of your step count, then head to Sports Direct and pick up a pedometer or rate activity tracker watch. 10,000 steps don’t count themselves! 

If you’re dusting off your old yoga DVD then you might want to treat yourself to a new yoga mat from Sports Direct.

Don’t forget to also pick up a reusable bottle to keep hydrated available at a range of stores like Wilko, Poundland, and USC.

You can also join a gym, speak to the team at Anytime Fitness about the best membership for you.

I want to eat better

Maybe you’re doing Veganuary, or you just want to eat better then head to both Tesco and Lidl for their great vegan ranges.

Looking for an easy dinner tonight? Then how about trying Tesco’s plant chef mushroom pizza and pair it with Linda McCartney’s vegetarian chicken bucket. 


Or head to Lidl for vegan patties and for dessert Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie non-dairy ice cream. If you’re looking for a snack you can also try their only vegan sausage rolls. 


You can even eat out without any worries with Chopstix skinny rice combo. Team the skinny rice with any topping for 500 calories or less.

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