New collection at KIKO MILANO

It’s time to escape the frenzy and slow the pace with KIKO MILANO Charming Escape Collection, embracing the true spirit of rural life.

Inspired by the beauty of nature’s canvas and enriched with simple, ingredients drawn from the Italian campagna, the KIKO MILANO Charming Escape Collection line-up combines timeless style with modern, high performance formulations. Skincare products contain extracts of nature’s greatest heroes; grape, honey, olives and aromatic herbs gently soothe tired skin, while a palette of earthy tones come to life for face, lips and eyes. Packaging is drawn straight from the ornate décor of an Italian villa, with an antique wallpaper effect that will stand out in any beauty bag.

Top picks:

3 in 1 Face Mask £14.99

Watery Blurring Primer £12.99

Silky Blush £12.99 and comes in 4 shades

Star dust Eyeshadow £8.99 and comes in 6 shades

Crystal Glass Lip gloss £8.99 and comes in 3 shades

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