Reopening non-essential retail

Following the easing of government restrictions, the majority of non-essential retailers that are able to do so are now reopen or in the process of reopening at The Mall Luton.

This is being done in a safe and controlled manner, with measures implemented to ensure strict adherence to government guidelines. Precautionary measures include enhanced deep cleaning, sanitising stations at key locations in the centre and PPE available for the centre team.

You will see a number of changes implemented when you visit, outlined below and in this video.


One way system:
We are operating a one way system for travel through the centre to assist with social distancing. Shoppers should turn left when exiting shops and follow the arrows. This is already in place. The routes are simple to follow and provide easy access.

Limited capacity:
For your safety and in order to maintain social distancing, we can only allow a limited number of shoppers in at any one time. Since the 15th June we have been using our footfall technology to operate a traffic light system, which is clearly displayed at all entrances and on social media (Facebook & Twitter).

RED status: we have reached shopper capacity – please join the queue to safely enter the centre.

AMBER status: we are near to reaching shopper capacity – please be prepared to queue to safely enter the centre.

GREEN status:  no queues to enter the centre, but there may be for certain stores.

We are also limiting numbers of people in toilet and baby change facilities, escalators and lifts at any one time

Since the 15th June the majority of our centre entrances have reopened. Each entrance has separate doors to enter and exit the centre.

Exceptions to this are the entrance next to Wilko, which remains temporarily closed until the Thistle hotel re-opens. Please note that Primark are operating a one way system through their store where shoppers can enter via The Mall entrance and exit out onto George Street.

Car parks:
Our car parks were free of charge during the lockdown when only essential stores and services remained open. Our car parks have re-opened and reverted to the normal charging tariffs.

We ask you to use contactless payment methods wherever possible. Chip coins are cleaned after every use.

All of our stores are expected to comply with government guidance and have a social distancing policy in place for staff as well as adequate and clear instructions for shoppers. Our team are on hand to continually help and advise.

Please expect shops to have limited capacity, and that you may need to queue at times to get into individual stores.

We want everyone in our centre to feel as safe as possible and ask our shoppers to please adhere to the government’s guidance on social distancing to reduce social interaction between people to help prevent the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • Do not enter the centre if you are experiencing any of the COVID19 symptoms.
  • Maintain a distance of 2 metres from all other members of the public.
  • Strictly observe the centre’s social distancing measures as instructed by staff and stores.
  • Wearing a face covering while shopping is mandatory for those aged 11 or over unless you are exempt and have a legitimate reason not to do so.

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