DreamToys Top 12 Toys for Christmas 2018

DreamToys have announced their sought after list of Top 12 Toys for Christmas 2018.

Featuring hot products like LOL Surprise and Boxer Robot with old favourites such as Barbie and Paw Patrol, there's something for boys and girls of any age.

The Top 12 Toys are (in no particular order):

  • Barbie® Ultimate Kitchen*
  • Boxer*
  • Cra-z slimy super slime studio*
  • L.O.L. Surprise Pop-Up Store*
  • L.O.L. Surprise Under Wraps Doll*
  • Laser X Twin Pack*
  • LEGO® Hogwarts™ Great Hall Harry Potter
  • Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck*
  • Poopsie Surprise Unicorn*
  • Untamed Jailbreak T-Rex Playset - With Infrared (Black and Red) Dinosaur
  • Wizard Training Wand

*available at The Entertainer in The Mall


  • Barbie® Ultimate Kitchen

    Barbie® Ultimate Kitchen

    Barbie’s Ultimate Kitchen playset has multiple play spaces with real working lights and sounds for young chefs to re-create their favourite dishes. From baking a pie in the oven with a timer that dings, to a stove that makes boiling sounds for the saucepans of food. Fill the fry press with dough, then close and press the top to make fries and hear them sizzle. Assemble a delicious sandwich in the sandwich maker or use the veggie mould for a healthy treat! Also includes min-fridge, five dough colours, additional cooking accessories and Barbie doll in a cute polka-dot print apron.

  • Boxer


    Boxer is an awesome new interactive AI robot buddy who is jam packed with tons of technology, fun games, and an awesome personality! Boxer features a lively personality with dynamic moods that evolve over time. He has tons of play right out of the box with his included game cards, ball accessory, and IR remote control as well as interactivity through gesture, sound, and touch controls. The Boxer app will allow for extended play with additional games that can be unlocked the more you play as well as video tutorials that teach users how to interact with Boxer to his full potential.

  • Cra-z slimy super slime studio

    Cra-z slimy super slime studio

    Make your own amazing Super Slimy Creations! Includes everything you need to make your own slime combinations – glitter-effects, rainbow colours, plus much more. Mix, invent & create! Encourages STEM learning. Our slimes are quality checked and made with safe fun in mind. For ages 6 years and over.

  • L.O.L. Surprise Pop-Up Store

    L.O.L. Surprise Pop-Up Store

    L.O.L. Surprise! Pop-Up Store is a 3-in-1 playset, display and carrying case! Take your dolls out on the town! Play areas include chic café, fashion boutique, and pizza parlour! Display holds 55+ dolls and accessories. Includes exclusive L.O.L. Surprise! doll. Styles may vary. For ages 3 years plus.

  • L.O.L. Surprise Under Wraps Doll

    L.O.L. Surprise Under Wraps Doll

    L.O.L. Surprise! Eye Spy Series UnderWraps dolls have 15 new surprises! Unbox the spy glass to find codes and unlock surprises! Each doll is dressed in a mystery disguise, unbox each layer to discover who's inside! The disguise becomes multiple fashion accessories! Mix & match outfits for tons of new looks! Collect them all! Styles may vary. For ages 6 plus years.

  • Laser X Twin Pack

    Laser X Twin Pack

    The ultimate high tech game of tag! Play inside or out, day or night. The Laser X Blaster works from over 60 metres away with pinpoint accuracy. Gameplay allows unlimited players so you can play one-on-one or add in unlimited blasters and let battle commence! Select team Red, Blue or Go Rogue and blast anyone! As you are hit your Receiver vest will gradually change colour, hit eight times and you’re out! For each minute you are not hit you earn one hit back. Complete with Voice Coach Guidance, full colour lighting effects, stereo sound and music. Laser X really is the complete gaming experience. Set contains 2 Laser X Blasters and 2 Receiver Vests.

  • LEGO® Hogwarts™ Great Hall Harry Potter

    LEGO® Hogwarts™ Great Hall Harry Potter

    Travel to LEGO® Harry Potter™ 75954 Hogwarts™ Great Hall for fun and magical adventures! Gather for a feast in the Great Hall and the sorting ceremony, then draw wands for a duel with Draco Malfoy™. Climb the moving stairs to explore the Grand Staircase tower, master the art of potions in the classroom, discover changing reflections in the Mirror of Erised™ and help Harry, Hermione and Ron battle the evil Basilisk and defeat Lord Voldemort™



    In this edition of MONOPOLY, inspired by the popular Fortnite video game, players have to claim locations, battle opponents, and avoid the “Storm” to survive. Choose a character and pick from 27 awesome outfits, buy iconic Fortnite locations, pick up loot chest cards, and earn Health points (HP). Roll the action die to pick up health packs, build walls, and damage opponents. Game includes game board, 27 Character outfit skins, 15 Storm Cards, 16 Loot Chest Cards, 8 Wall Cards, 1 numbered die, 1 action die, 110 Health Point chips, and game guide.

  • Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

    Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

    An ultimate rescue needs an ultimate vehicle! This vehicle is equipped with an extendable 2ft ladder, flashing lights and sounds — it’s ready for anything! To activate, simply lift and pull! Using the water cannon launcher at the bottom of the cab and back of the truck send water cannons (included) flying! When Marshall needs a helping paw, there’s room aboard for all six pups (not included). Stored inside the truck, the Mini Fire Cart rolls straight into action! The Ultimate Fire Truck also features a mini fire hose and extendable working claw arm for small missions. Take the pups on exciting new adventures with the Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck!

  • Poopsie Surprise Unicorn

    Poopsie Surprise Unicorn

    Poopsie Surprise Unicorn magically poop slime! Each time you feed your surprise unicorn and sit her on her glitter potty, she creates surprise, collectible unicorn poop (slime)! Transform your unicorn poop over and over again with Unicorn Magic! Over 20 magic surprises included with each Surprise Unicorn! Four unicorns to collect! Will you unroll Rainbow Brightstar or Oopsie Starlight?

  • Untamed Jailbreak T-Rex Playset - With Infrared (Black and Red) Dinosaur

    Untamed Jailbreak T-Rex Playset - With Infrared (Black and Red) Dinosaur

    What happens when Fingerlings Untamed dinosaurs get a little too… ferocious? You give them a time-out in the Jailbreak Playset! This special cage comes with Infrared, an exclusive T-Rex with eyes that glow in the dark and a fierce desire to escape. Contain him if you can! But beware: If you pull the lever, Infrared will bust out of his cage! The Jailbreak Playset holds up to two Fingerlings Untamed creatures. Will they be friends or foes? That depends on you. Will you tame them into friendly companions or unleash their inner beasts?

  • Wizard Training Wand

    Wizard Training Wand

    There are 11 different spells for kids to learn and master using the included spell training guide. Learn the following spells: Locomotor, Alohomora, Incendio, Ventus, Tarantallegra, Meteolojinx, Revelio, Finite Incantatem, Arresto Momentum, Wingardium Leviosa, and Mimblewimble. The wand recognizes motion to know when kids have cast their spells. The wand provides sound feedback that the spells have been cast correctly. Each wand includes five modes of play: two modes of standalone play and three modes to play with a friend. The 5 light-up button allows you to select which mode to play. The cast button allows you to cast spells. Single Wand Mode: Spell Training - learn eleven spells, improve your skill. Hear feedback when you cast correctly. Free Play - cast the spells you have learned and test your skill. Multi-wand Mode: Spell Practice (requires 2 wands) - practice with a friend. The first to cast wins! Training Spells (requires 2 wands) - work with your friend to hear which spells work best. Choose a different spell to test each other. Wizard Tag (requires 2 or more wands) - play with 1 or more friends. Who can you tag? Rewind time to start again.