Introducing the Clementine Collision

Our next instalment of the Muffin Lab has arrived!

Introducing our most explosive muffin yet, it’s an epic collision of sour and sweet! This new soft and spongy muffin is filled with a citrus combo of lemon, orange and mandarin. Break it open and taste the lava of lemon curd flowing from its core. And if that’s not enough, we’ve sprinkled gold glitter and topped it with gooey marshmallow.

The Clementine Collision is sure to be a firm favourite. It retails at £2.20 and is available from the 15th March to the 11th April.

It's inside our Muffin Lab where dreams are realised. Our Master Muffin Makers experiment with the most decedent ingredients to bring to you tasty muffin creations. Here flavours and textures are mismatched, mixed and baked to perfection. These muffins push more boundaries than most muffin trays can handle and what results are creations like no other - expect the unexpected. Head into store today and try this month's latest experiment.