Best of BBQs

Hoorah! The sunshine has been steadily showing its face – and we couldn’t be happier about it! So go on, make the most of the weather and host a BBQ.


BBQs are a great way of getting lots of people together, and it doesn’t take too much preparation either. From BBQ tools to food and drinks – there’s plenty of fab things right here at The Mall.

Instead of you searching your favourite stores, we’ve pulled together some essentials that you won’t be able to live without after you’ve tried them. Take a peek below!

Here’s a few tips to make sure you have a tasty, safe and fun barbie:

  • Ask your guests to bring a dish or their own drinks to keep costs down, they won’t mind!
  • Pre-cook and pre-prep wherever you can. Just make sure you’re not reheating meat or undercooking anything – stick to the instructions 
  • Purchase marinated meat to save money, time and mess
  • Stock up on paper plates, cutlery and napkins so you can simply throw away for a quick clean up
  • Make any side dishes before you cook so you can concentrate on your hot BBQ and won’t need to leave the hot BBQ unattended
  • Dig out buckets and tubs and fill with ice to keep any drinks cool
  • Make up doggy bags for any guests and fill up with leftover food – you’ll have less waste and it makes a great lunch the next day
  • If you’re not experienced with handling a BBQ, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Guests would much rather help out than eat raw food