Zombie Apocalypse spreads to The Mall Blackburn

A zombie experience is coming to The Mall. The terrifying event touring the UK is called Zombie Nightmare and will be arriving in September and October. 

The 60-minute zombie survival experience is set to get the blood pumping and is not for the faint-hearted!  

The experience is set in The Mall, which is placed in lockdown. Guests must navigate all areas of the centre including loading bays, service corridors, car park and the main precinct itself attempting to solve clues and find the cure to the Zombie Apocalypse whilst avoiding flesh-hungry ravenous Zombies! 

Tickets for the Zombie Nightmare are just £45 per person (plus booking fee). The Zombie Apocalypse spreads to The Mall Blackburn on 28th + 29th September plus 5th + 6th October this year.  

Tickets are available online at www.zombienightmare.co.uk

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