Specsavers raise money for Oxygen for India appeal

Staff at Specsavers Blackburn have donated funds to help ensure vital oxygen supplies are available to those who need it in India.


Specsavers stores throughout the UK have rallied together as a response to the ongoing Covid crisis and to show support for the Oxygen for India appeal.

In total Specsavers has raised £210,000. Store partners came together to raise £150,000, with the Blackburn Mall store donating £500, and the group contributed a further £60,000 to the cause.

Paul Marshall, Specsavers managing director, says: ‘This money will be provided to two charities both actively involved in supporting this appeal – the British Asian Trust’s Oxygen for India emergency appeal and The Hope Foundation charity which our Irish Partners have close links with and will support.

‘These incredible sums raised will be put to work supporting the appeal and helping India in its hour of need.

‘I am enormously proud of how quickly and passionately our store partners have responded. It is a testament to the care and compassion that Specsavers and is globally recognised for.’

To donate to the appeal or to book an appointment at Specsavers Blackburn, visit www.specsavers.co.uk/blackburn