Recycle your old phone at the ecoATM

ecoATM provides a convenient and responsible way for you to trade in your pre-owned smartphone for instant payment, with the assurance that the device will be recycled and reused.

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📱They have diverted over 27 million devices worldwide

♻️They have recycled 6.9 million pounds of e-waste

✔️132,464 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions reduced


To receive your FREE trade-in quote there are 3 simple steps:

  1. Place your device in an ecoATM kiosk - Don’t worry, your device is safe and you may exit the process at any time.
  2. ecoATM will examine your device and give you our best price immediately - ecoATM doesn’t access any of your personal information during this evaluation.
  3. If you agree to sell it, you will receive instant payment.

ecoATM is all about a rewarding experience, they not only put extra funds in your pocket but also helps ensure a cleaner environment for future generations. 

You will find their ATM located on Market Way within our recycling area next to Wilko.