H&M and Sustainability

Just like food and water, H&M like their clothes toxic-free!


H&M believe we can help protect our water, air and soil by avoiding harmful chemicals, fossil-based energy sources and single-use packaging. Basically, everything that's essential to our survival.

That's why they have set an ambitious goal: to be climate positive by 2040.

This means they will remove more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than they create. H&M are exploring new, more sustainable ways to make, transport and package their products!

Not a fan of plastic bags? Neither are they. If you step into one of their stores, you won't find any plastic bags because they have replaced them all with paper ones. You can find cute, reusable shopping bags in organic cotton or recycled polyester.

Although H&M still use plastic packaging for online orders and to transport clothes from production to their stores, they are planning to change this. By 2025, the plastic packaging used will be reusable, recyclable or compostable.

Read more about H&M's sustainability mission HERE.