Batch'd by Arrow Fresh opens at The Mall

Arrow Fresh was set up in March 2020 to help vulnerable people access fruit and vegetables from their homes.

Starting with this idea, Arrow Fresh grew and became a full-scale online food, drink, and gift emporium. The ability to connect local, high-quality, artisan suppliers with local customers helped Arrow Fresh grow.

Following a rebrand, Batch’d by Arrow Fresh has taken the plunge into the retail world. The kiosk in the Mall Blackburn will be the 8th Kiosk within the Batch’d business.

The retail offering will be truly unique to both Blackburn and what the public can find elsewhere.

Batch’d will be bringing together a variety of small batch, artisan suppliers from across Lancashire and other local regions.

At the Mall, your choice will be endless; whether you crave a brownie, blondie donut, piece of fudge, flapjack or a cookie, they've got it all.

 Each product is hand-created by local specialists whose expertise allows for the tastiest treats.