Are you thinking about becoming a volunteer?

Within our communities, Community CVS know of hundreds of voluntary and community groups that are seeking volunteers.

Whatever your background, your reason for volunteering or your skills, they can help you to find the right opportunity for you.

Everyone can be a volunteer, visit the Community CVS website by click HERE!

The range of opportunities is huge. There are currently  over 300 opportunities to choose from including visiting, supporting older people, community libraries, outdoor work, driving,  sports, arts, befriending and mentoring, administration and advice  – to name but a few.

Here are some quotes from volunteers already making a difference!

“I volunteer because I am giving something back to the community and its really positive, I like to be busy I don’t want to be idle and volunteering helps me gain lots of new skills, it improves your networks and helps you find jobs. I enjoy helping people and it also helps you to become part of your community”

 “it’s very satisfying working with young people with various problems and it’s great when they can see a light at the end of the tunnel, they know they aren’t alone and being part of that is brilliant”

“People should be encouraged to volunteer you get back what you put in…a great amount of satisfaction you meet lots of new people and it’s so much better than staying at home all day everyday”

“I have come to realise that volunteering is a lot more than most people think it is…most people think volunteering is just working in a charity shop….it’s so much more and you get so much more out of it…...there really is something for everyone…just go and try it”