8 Sources of Protein you need in your kitchen cupboard

With a lot of empty shelves in our supermarkets at the moment, you may be finding it difficult to get your hands on your ‘typical’ high protein foods such as lean cuts of meat, fish, eggs and tofu.
Pure Gym have the perfect nutritional information and advice to get the best out of what you have got!

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There are lots of healthy food alternatives with long shelf lives (which means much less food waste!) that are also great sources of protein:
• Canned Tuna: 24+ grams of protein (per 100g)
• Lentils: 18 grams of protein (per 80g dry weight)
• Edamame Beans: 12 grams of protein (per 100g)
• Chickpeas: 8 grams of protein (per 100g)
• Nuts: 7 grams of protein (per 30g)
• Oats: 7 grams of protein (per 60g)
• Kidney Beans: 7 grams of protein (per 100g)
• Quinoa: 5 grams of protein (per 100g dry weight)
Not only will incorporating these foods into your daily diet help you to meet your protein needs, but also help you to reduce food waste and therefore save some money too. We think that’s a win, win!