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1st Jan - 1st Jan

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We're thrilled to have our very own Mall Poet, Emma Hammond, with us throughout 2016

Poet Emma Hammond has embarked on a mission to write a poem a day at The Mall Walthamstow. Emma is doing this as a Creative study on people and place / anthropological experiment throughout 2016 but also see’s this as fun.

You can check out Emma’s blog via her Twitter account or her Blog spot

We are certainly looking forward to her daily instalments


A Note from Emma…

I am published by Penned in the Margins- you can find some info about my second book here. I have lived in Walthamstow for 6 years and in London for 16. I am originally from Essex and spent a lot of my childhood being dragged around shopping centres with my Mum. My Mum loved shopping. I have always found them interesting, like small worlds. 

I also think that poetry is too rarefied nowadays, as if it exists somewhere else. Poetry is best when it deals with the everyday. The reason a lot of people think poetry is boring or hard work is because it often talks about things that are hard to connect with in a way that is exclusive or academic. I don't like that at all.

Writing a poem a day is interesting, because it forces you to think about a place thoroughly. Already I am looking at The Mall in a new light. Somewhere like a shopping centre- ostensibly devoid of magic, a place you might pass through without thinking about too much- is actually full of poetry, people and their desires and hopes. I could watch people all day long. 

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