Anytime Fitness is now open

The mission is simple " get to a healthier place"

At Anytime Fitness Luton they recognise that working toward peoples wants and needs are the key to mutual success.

With more than 3,000 Clubs worldwide, hosting more than 3 millions members, their ability to listen, understand and work together to "get to a healthier place" keeps them focused on your goals and ambitions.

They pride themselves on `helping real people live healthier lives`. Their atmosphere is a stand out performer and ensures their members want to return day after day. Their affordable price structures make it possible for members to do so, and their focus on people and their results mean they never lose sight of what matters most. You.

So whether an experienced athlete, looking to train and increase performance in a stand out, state of the art facility, a novice looking for peace of mind and professional guidance, or somebody on the go, who cannot commit to set times and sessions, Anytime Fitness Luton has it covered.

  • Anytime Access 24/7 to a worldwide family of Clubs
  • Convenient and complimentary 2 Hour Parking
  • Virtual Training Classes Anytime
  • Specific Functional Training Zone
  • Member Benefits & Rewards Scheme

Located on the Gallery level by Delphine Alexander. Don't miss out and sign up today!

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