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EnviroMall... not today's bandwagon, but tomorrow's way of life

EnviroMall is the first partnership accreditation scheme developed specifically for shopping centres to monitor and reduce environmental impact. It is the brainchild of Capital and Regional and builds on its excellent environmental track record of reducing emissions and waste.

At present EnviroMall is concentrating on Capital and Regional shopping malls across the UK, but would be happy to share its processes with other shopping centre owner / operators in the UK and internationally.

Mark Bourgeois, Managing Director for Shopping Centres, Capital and Regional, comments: "Everyone knows how important it is to protect our environment. The stark reality is that retailing, and shopping centres in particular, currently consume large amounts of energy and water and generate millions of tonnes of waste. Reducing our industry's negative environmental impact is an urgent priority".

The EnviroMall initiative aims to assist shopping centres and their retailers to improve their performance and reduce their impact on the environment. By committing to making a change at a local level, shopping centres and their tenants can aim to build a better world for us all.

How we are doing it

The initiative sets out clear targets for improvement and provides practical tools that will help any shopping centre or retailer reduce their consumption, raise efficiency and monitor performance. This is delivered through:

  • Partnership - bringing together experts in their fields to pool knowledge and resources
  • Environmental Management System - developed specifically for shopping centres to tackle individual challenges through Impact Improvement Plans. Each shopping mall is assessed individually and has targets set to achieve the levels of improvement needed for accreditation. Through accreditation and continually working to improve standards, the ultimate goal is to achieve Self Sustainable Specification - S3 - at all shopping malls.
  • Education - testing new and established renewable energies; school packs that fit into the national curriculum; and local communities through the annual EnviroMall Week

Working with the communities

EnviroMall accreditation is based on more than changing the way shopping centres are managed as facilities to improve environmental impacts. EnviroMall works with:

  • Shoppers by raising awareness of environmental issues through our annual EnviroMall Week
  • Retailers to help them lower their impacts
  • Academic institutions to test new technologies and support environmental research through the S3 programme
  • Schools to deliver tailored educational packs
  • Local authorities by putting them in touch with shoppers



Enviromall - less is more
Teacher resources

Our free resource for school children learning about rainforests at Key Stage 1 and 2 Science and Geography, can be downloaded from our website. The free resource includes teacher and student notes, activity sheets, case studies as well as a PowerPoint presentation for you to use in the class room.

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