Primark Men - Cuban Drive

It feels like an age since we actually felt the sun and it's rays, finally the time has come to get up, get out and enjoy the longer days. With a one-stop shop at your fingertips, inside your local Primark, you'll be ready for summer in no time!

Our summer trend entitled ‘Cuban Drive’ takes inspiration from South America. The vibrant patterns evoke exotic locations such as Amazonian rainforests via the selection of botanical and floral prints. The essence of Peru and Cuba are captured is through tribal and abstract batiks patterns, helping to add a splash of colour to the collection. This is played out across seasonal items perfect for the warmer weather such as short-sleeved shirts, vests, shorts and t-shirts.

Fabrications are diverse and range from light linens shirts to denim in pale washes across garments such as jackets, shorts and jeans. This trend is perfect for the modern day wanderer and activities like beach strolls, BBQs and pool parties with the collection of swim shorts and never ending supply of flip-flops.

On the accessories front we have a selection of bags from backpacks, to cross body bags. Footwear ranges from patterned espadrilles, canvas high-tops and flip-flops. Headwear appears in the form of straw hats for the smarter options and baseball caps for more casual styling.

One way to opt into this trend would be by pairing a pork pie straw hat with a floral short-sleeved shirt. When thinking of the bottom half you could either wear chinos with a slight roll-up that flash the ankle by going sockless, teamed with some slip- ons. Additionally some plain coloured shorts, light wash denim or swimming trunks could also work, proving the trend is diverse and adaptable. Allowing for a fresh way to take on summer dressing.

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