Primark All Eyes On You from £3!

Wow, have we got a treat in store for you! If you’ve ever wondered, ‘just how awesome would it be to have a backpack with googly eyes?’ then this is for you. Not only are we rocking our current metallic trend in our latest backpacks, purses and make-up bags, we’re mixing it up with patches and prints that you’re going to love. We hope the £3 starting price leaves you just as wide-eyed as our zany friend here…

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Backpack £10

Let’s start with how you can keep all your essentials - cute hair grips, lip balm, keys and coins - in one place. We love this rounded wallet with cute printed eyes at only £3. You’ll be smiling every time you go to grab your cash! And who could resist a nod to the late, great Bowie? His stunning 70s style was a huge influence then, and still is now. Lightning bolts, check. Metallics, check. Neon contrast colours, double-check.

And if you’re looking to go bold make-up wise to match this daring look, we suggest keeping all your glittering Galactic products in our gorgeous metallic make-up bags. With plenty of space for all your PS... Pro brushes and other essentials, this make-up hold all wins gold in our eyes.

Whoever said less is more clearly hasn’t seen our latest clutches and backpacks. Yup, we haven’t held back our kooky sides with larger bags, either! Keeping the 70s boldness going strong is this shimmering zip-up bag with lightning bolt detail. We’re thinking a dress in one of the three printed colours – white, pink or coral – to really make let this statement-maker pop.

And finally, we’re sure you’ve been wanting to see more of our adorable monster backpack! At an amazing £10, this little charmer is our absolute favourite. Why not buy the whole googly gang, with purses and this cute box bag, ideal for make-up or stationery as the new term kicks off soon.

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