What is Enviromall?

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The largest owner of community shopping centres in the UK. The Mall has been monitoring and driving down its environmental impact since 1999.

The Enviromall initiative

The EnviroMall initiative aims to assist shopping centres and their retailers to improve their performance and reduce their impact on the environment. By committing to making a change at a local level, shopping centres and their tenants can aim to build a better world for us all.

EnviroMall is the first partnership accreditation scheme developed specifically for shopping centres to monitor and reduce environmental impact. It is the brainchild of Capital and Regional and builds on its excellent environmental track record of reducing emissions and waste.

Mark Bourgeois, Executive Director:

Everyone knows how important it is to protect our environment. The stark reality is that retailing, and shopping centres in particular, currently consume large amounts of energy and water and generate millions of tonnes of waste. Reducing our industry's negative environmental impact is an urgent priority.

Our Achievements

How we are doing it?

The initiative sets out clear targets for improvement and provides practical tools that will help any shopping centre or retailer reduce their consumption, raise efficiency and monitor performance. This is delivered through:

working with communities

EnviroMall accreditation is based on more than changing the way shopping centres are managed as facilities to improve environmental impacts. We work with:


EnviroMall was established with the following partners who now form a steering group that oversees the accreditation process. Our founding partners are :

The Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust, the Government agency working to reduce carbon emissions


Envirowise, the Government agency for waste management


A sustainability consultancy specialising in property and helping to establish our accreditation scheme