Opportunities at The Mall

Reach millions of shoppers every week

We manage each Mall as a shopping destination in its own right, at the heart of the local community, and provide a shopping experience that shoppers find easy and enjoyable. In this way we attract more shoppers to our Malls and encourage them to spend more time, and more money, more often, with our retailers.

Leasing Shops

Our Malls are home to over 600 retail units, ranging in size from 100 to 100,000 sq ft. 1.4 million shoppers visit our Malls every week. Whatever your needs, from multiple units in several locations to a single small outlet, our Retail Development team will work creatively with you to help you derive maximum benefit from your occupancy and your service charge.

Leasing opportunties

Retail Merchandise Units (RMUs)

Our RMUs are specifically designed for the Mall and offer total flexibility in use and a valuable point of difference for our shoppers.

We place the units in the middle of the busy areas of our Malls, which make them ideal for specialist product sales, product launches and test marketing. RMUs are available for weekly, monthly, fortnightly or seasonal rental at local, regional or national level. Prices range from £250 to £1000 per week dependent on time of year.

Retail Merchandise Units

Mall media

Our various media channels get your brand, product or message to millions of weekly shoppers, while they're already in shopping mode.

Mall media

Promotional Space

We have numerous promotional sites available throughout our Malls enabling brands to promote to and interact with shoppers.

Promotional space

Marketing and Sponsorship

Our branding and marketing programmes create opportunities to communicate with shoppers locally, regionally and nationally.

Marketing and Sponsorship