Pure Pump @ Pure Gym review

23rd Sep - 1st Dec

One of the members of our Ask Me Point team, Charlotte, recently took

part in PureGym Blackburn’s PurePump class. Here is what she had to say

about her experience at PureGym Blackburn and what she thought of the

class led by personal trainer, Jakub Zygadlo.


“Firstly, I have to mention and praise Jakub Zygadlo, the personal

trainer who led the class. He was brilliant, so full of energy with a

clear passion for his job. He did such a good job of keeping everyone

feeling positive, focused and motivated during the challenging workout.


“The atmosphere as a whole was very friendly and I would definitely

agree that PureGym is a gym for everyone, all ages and abilities. There

was a real sense of support with members pushing to be their best and

testing limits.


“The facilities are equally impressive, I must admit that with the

unmanned aspect of it I was expecting more of a basic layout but the

range of equipment is outstanding. It’s also immaculate, which is not

always something you expect from a gym – it has maintained its ‘freshly

opened’ feel incredibly well.


“The class itself PurePump, really got you working hard but was

enjoyable at the same time. The range in just one class is what I think

I enjoyed the most, from barbells to weights and steps to squats,

lunges and arm lifts, I never got bored!


“It really is an all over body workout, which made the 45 minutes fly –

something I never expected! I often find with longer workouts you tend

to feel every minute of the burn and resort to watching the clock but

with so much going on including a fast-paced set, upbeat tempos and

Jakub’s constant encouragement, the class was over before I felt like

it had even begun!


“I could definitely feel the effects of the class, even for a few days

later and could tell I had been put through my paces during a

successful and thorough workout. I would 100% recommend the instructor,

class and gym to anyone considering joining!”


To find out more about PureGym Blackburn and to see its timetable of

fitness classes visit -https://www.puregym.com/gyms/blackburn-the-mall/



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